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    mwldsym2.exe: build error

    I am trying to compile Nokia VPN client source code.
    am gettin the following error at compile time:
    mwldsym2.exe: warning: Option 'Use default libraries' is enabled but linker used
    mwldsym2.exe: warning: runtime library from MW[...]LibraryFiles (msl_all_static_mse_symbian_d.lib);
    mwldsym2.exe: warning: this indicates a potential settings/libraries mismatch
    mwldsym2.exe: Error creating file: vpnapi.dll
    mwldsym2.exe: Access is denied.

    can anyone help me out with this. how to solve mwldsym2.exe: erors and warnings


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    Re: mwldsym2.exe: build error

    The emulator already contains a vpnapi.dll, which may be loaded if the emulator is running, and it may cause that "Access is denied". If your emulator is running, try closing it first.

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