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    QCompass / QMagnetometer on N900


    based on the postings I've seen in other fora the N900 has an in-built magnetometer/compass (?). However, I've been unsuccessful in using magnetometer/compass via the Qt Mobility APIs.

    To be specific, creating QMagnetometer/QCompass and trying to connect to the backend returns false on the N900.

    I do run Maemo PR1.2 on N900 and I do have all the mobility packages installed. To exemplify that everything should be in order I'm successfully using QAccelerometer in my app - in the limits of the bug QtMobility-326 reported here: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTMOBILITY-326

    Can someone comment on the N900 capabilities and/or the possible backend issues (which should be final, though)?


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    Re: QCompass / QMagnetometer on N900

    There is no magnetometer in N900.

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