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    Question Loading PNG image file to CFbsBitmap

    How to load PNG image file to the CFbsBitmap with display mode EColor16MA (24 bits for RGB color and 8 bits for transparency)?
    I can load PNG image using CImageDecoder class to two CFbsBitmap - first with color data (EColor16M) and second with transparency mask (EGray256), is there any way to load image data directly to one CFbsBitmap with display type EColor16MA, or is there any Symbian native function which can mix two bitmaps (EColor16M and EGray256) to one (EColor16MA) ?

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    Re: Loading PNG image file to CFbsBitmap

    there is no function that can mix 2 Bitmaps. you have to do it manually,.

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    Re: Loading PNG image file to CFbsBitmap

    if you don't want to use transparency, then just ignore the mask, and use the image without it. And if you want to nicely load to one object which has transparency, then load the image + mask to CGulIcon instead of CFBsBitmap.

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