I have developed an application for Qt using Carbide. My idea is to release it on Ovi Store. To be able to install it on Symbian phones without Qt installed I want to use the Smart Installer. (I know it is only beta yet but I'm just planning for the future)

When I've installed smart installer and building my application in Carbide I now get two sis files. One myapp.sis and one myapp_installer.sis. Where the myapp_installer is using smart installer.

BUT From what I have understand to be able to sign my application right I need to follow these steps:

1. First need to build my app the ordinary way without smart installer.
2. Then I need to send this to be signed at symbiansigned.com.
3. When it has been signed I need to wrap it with the smart installer
4. Then I need to sign the whole package at symbiansigned.com again

Is these steps the right way?

I know how to do step 1 and 2. But how can I wrap the smart installer around the file that have been signed at symbiansigned.com?

I have always been using Carbide when creating my sis files and have no idea how to do this. Would be great if someone could help me out!