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    Post Calling a library in Symbian C++ using Qt

    Hi everyone,

    I need to call a function from a library (.dll format) using a Qt program. However, the driver is written in Symbian C++. I've Googled and been seen some programs and an article about using Symbian and Qt together, but am not sure what procedure to take regarding header files and libraries to import--or where to begin for my own programs.

    At present I'm running the following on Windows Vista:

    Qt for Symbian 4.6.3
    Qt for Windows 4.6.2
    Carbide C++ v2.6
    and the S60 5th Edition SDK.

    Can anyone advise me on the procedure for doing so, and point me to relevant examples you're aware of? Thanks!

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    Re: Calling a library in Symbian C++ using Qt

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    Re: Calling a library in Symbian C++ using Qt

    Moreover in case you want to load the shared libraries in runtime take a look at the QLibrary class. Note that's not mandatory!

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