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Thread: DBMS and 7650

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    DBMS and 7650

    Hi everyone,

    Does 7650 support DBMS program?

    Since I would like to store data in a table and then retrieve them when the user needs.

    I actually have read the sdk example (the DBMS example in epoc32ex) and try to include it in my program. However, when I compile it the following error occur at the end of compilation:

    DLL 'myprogram[10005B8A].app' has uninitialized data

    And I have examined the mmp file of the DBMS example, the target type is EXE but mine is APP. But if i change mine to EXE, the compilation sucess but nokia7650 cannot run "system error".

    Could anyone help me

    Thank you verymuch!!

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    DBMS example is a console program and meant to be used with the emulator to demonstrate the DBMS APIs. You can't run it on the device as such.

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    Marko / Forum Nokia

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