i wonder if you could help me with this one.

Would there be a way to somehow import data from our national traffic site:
http://www.promet.si/portal/en/1traffic-conditions.aspx so that my Nokia 5800 could actually take all the closed and cloged up streets into account and produce an optimal and best rout to the desired destination?

How would you do it?

Also, i wonder if you might know, whether it would be possible to "correct" or at least report to the Nokia all newly built roads and roads under maintenance?

Reading my first question you might be saying "use your nokia traffic report...", but i can't, although my country is being listed by the Nokia as one having this option available. My traffic report updates normally, but i can't see a thing on my Ovi Maps.
Has anyone else experienced such an issue?

Thank you so much for your comments and help.