I would like to load content access api dynamically in my C++ program.
The problem is that when loaded dynamically, CAAPI_Initialize() returns 1 instead of 0 (CONA_OK).
I use the following code
typedef DWORD (__stdcall *__CAAPI_Initialize)(DWORD dwAPIVersion, DWORD* pdwParam);
HMODULE hdll=LoadLibrary("DAAPI.dll");
__CAAPI_Initialize CAAPI_Initialize=

DWORD ret=CAAPI_Initialize(32,NULL);
// ret==1, should be 0 (CONA_OK)
When I load DAAPI.dll using provided *.LIB files, CAAPI_Initialize() returns 0 as expected.

I dont understand why there is a difference.
So how shoud I load DAAPI dynamicaly? Or is it a bug in the DLL?

I use Nokia PC Suite