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    store array using setPreferenceForKey


    i want to store array using setPreferenceForKey. is following correct?

    HTML Code:
    var arr = {
    	"number": 42,
    	"year"	: 2007,
    	"hello"	: "world",
    	"foo"	: "bar"
    widget.setPreferenceForKey( arr,'searchKey');
    var my_cars= new Array();
    var my_cars = widget.preferenceForKey('searchKey');

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    Re: store array using setPreferenceForKey

    Hi kuddy_abc,

    you must always save string values, as specified in this Forum Nokia Library page:


    To save an array, you have to serialize it in some way (e.g.: using some separators between array values). When reading back the array, you have to perform the opposite operation, so parsing the string value to restore the original array.

    Hope it helps,

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