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    Question Symbian^3 SDK missing usrt4_0.lib and dfprvct4_0.lib ?

    Hi all,

    This is a forwarding of a thread i posted in Symbian foundation forums. (http://developer.symbian.org/forum/s...ad.php?p=23979)

    I've been porting my app to the symbian platform using Symbian C++ through carbide.c++. This application project consists of very few source files and numerous home-made static libraries.

    I managed to get it to run in the Epoc emulator, and except some emulator-related problems (too few system/gpu memory, missing OpenGLES extensions) it works. I hope it will get better when we run on the device.

    So I went for device compilation using the ARMV5 config to try building a .sis and try to find someone with a device to test it.

    The problem I had is the following: when trying to link my application, the makefile tries to link against usrt4_0.lib and dfprvtc4_0.lib, which do not exist in the SDK (and which I did not explicitly ask for, I believe it has to do with RVCT compilation).

    Did I miss something ? or do I just miss brains ?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: Symbian^3 SDK missing usrt4_0.lib and dfprvct4_0.lib ?

    If you check the release notes, it says the SDK supports RVCT 2.2 - just as the older SDK-s.
    Note that the RVCT variant you have via SF community license is RVCT 4.0 (that is the 4_0 thing).

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    Re: Symbian^3 SDK missing usrt4_0.lib and dfprvct4_0.lib ?

    yes, of course if patch the generated makefile, it will link. But I'd like the carbide.c++ toolchain to generate the files correctly, or else, I'll have to patch the generated makefile before each compilation (because it re-generates them)

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