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    print GPS speed from j2me emulator


    I succed to print the value of latitude longitude from GPS emulator but I don't know how i can print the value of speed from GPS emulator
    can any one please help me to do that


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    Re: print GPS speed from j2me emulator

    I guess you are using JSR 179 LAPI; I have'nt got a chance to try speed calculation; but have a look at

    public float getSpeed()
    Returns the terminal's current ground speed in meters per second (m/s) at the time of measurement. The speed is always a non-negative value. Note that unlike the coordinates, speed does not have an associated accuracy because the methods used to determine the speed typically are not able to indicate the accuracy.

    the current ground speed in m/s for the terminal or Float.NaN if the speed is not known

    Ref : javax.microedition.location.Location


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