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    Unable to Build for Symbian Emulator or Device


    I am just trying to get started with Qt development, specifically for Symbian, so I applogise if I am asking noob type questions, but I am a noob to all this :-)

    I am trying to build / run the MyFirstApp example that is floating about (a simple list widget and line edit). I can build the app fine for Window Desktop, however as soon as I try and build and run it for Symbian (Emulator or Target Device) I get an error that reports the is no RVCT installation and abld.bat is trying to build using that compiler. It exists with Error Code 2.

    I followed the steps in the instruction video's for setting up the dev environment, the only difference being I selected the Symbian^3 SDK. I do not have the ARM compiler installed and at the moment I don't need to be compliing using that, I just want to have a play around and start learning this stuff.

    Is there a way to prevent projects from trying to compile through this and just use GCCE? Is it even possible to compile an app for Symbian without the ARM compiler?

    I have tried so many different things that I have read and followed all the instructions exactly, but when I follow the MyFirstApp video I get the error on compile.

    I would really appreciate any help with this! Once again, sorry if I am being a complete noob.

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    Re: Unable to Build for Symbian Emulator or Device

    If you are making your program for Qt , then you just need either Qt creator or Qt SDK,

    But for the device debugging you need symbian device, just check the below web for that :


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    Re: Unable to Build for Symbian Emulator or Device

    If you do not have RVCT compiler then just build your application with GCCE compiler that comes with SDK. Just go to Project> Properties> Carbide.C++> Build Configuration> Manage, then select Phone Release (GCCE) option to compile for device.

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