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    Nokia wrt RegExp engine

    Trying to implement a simple replace str in javascript on Nokia wrt

    trying to replace '+' in a string with ' '.

    var sStr = '1ft+ e';
    str= str.replace("\+",' ');

    Works in firefox but when trying on the device it returns an error saying
    SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: nothing to repeat

    Can anyone tell me what is going wrong here?

    Something different about how the device handles reg-exp's than thenokia wrt viewer and firefox

    I'm not well versed in javascript aswell, as when this replace doesn;t fail in nokia wrt or firefox, it still does not replace the char in the string

    Cheers for any input, seems like a very mundane question that should have an easy answer

    var regex = new RegExp("[.+]", "g");
    str= str.replace(regex,' ');

    works in firefox & nokia wrt viewer in aptana, but not on device, same error as before
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    Re: Nokia wrt RegExp engine

    Hi chops1,

    have you already tried with the forward slash syntax? Specifically, your first snippet could be rewritten as:

    var str = '1ft+ e';
    str= str.replace(/\+/, " ");
    Let me know if this works for you

    PS: just noticed that you have a typo in that snippet, since you use two different variable names, 'str' and 'sStr'

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    Re: Nokia wrt RegExp engine

    Cheers thanks for the advice,

    I have been using
    var specials = new RegExp("[+]", "g");
    str= str.replace(specials , " ");

    and it seems to work now.

    It could have been throwing the error becasue the string i was trying to run the replace on was empty, cant be sure.

    Thanks for the alternative method

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