Sometimes ago I meneage istall QtMobility tech preview 2. Now I want update version and use the latest version : 1.0
I try to write application on WinCE. I am using the same way that was good for technology preview 2.
I start Visual studio command prompt and set path by WinCE_DIR\bin\setpaths
I use qmake for WinCe
go to dir of QtMobility and there type
configure -vc -debug -prefix C:\QtMobilityDebug and it goes ok
and then I get:
        link /LIBPATH:"c:\Qt\4.6.1\qt\lib" /NOLOGO /NODEFAULTLIB:OLDNAMES.LIB /D
workd.dll @C:\DOCUME~1\bysior\USTAWI~1\Temp\nm144.tmp
..\..\build\Debug\QtServiceFramework\servicemetadata.obj : fatal error LNK1112:
module machine type 'X86' conflicts with target machine type 'THUMB'
Anyone meet the error??
Or maybe anyone succesfully install QtMobility for winCe and can describe it step-by-step?