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    Lightbulb [moved ] BMCONV failed?

    Can any one tell me BMCONV failed means what and why it occures and how it reduce??

    Thanks in Advance gentlemen

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    Re: *BMCONV failed????????????????????????

    It means that a tool (bmconv.exe) has failed to execute the given task. Which task? Why it failed? That's for you to know and tell us.
    If you don't know, post here the relevant compiler output and info about your project. You can search info about bmconv in SDK's docs and/or at http://library.forum.nokia.com

    (Moving this to the tools forum)
    -- Lucian

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    Re: *BMCONV failed????????????????????????

    use photoshop to covert you pic to bmp formate, maybe you pic file extension is bmp, but not a really bmp file.

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