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Thread: help NokiaQtSDK

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    help NokiaQtSDK


    I have buid a Qt application with SDK_S60V5 SDK_S60V31 and SDK_S60V32 with carbide.

    i used two *.ui : one for s60v5 and athor for s60v3

    like this in *.h

    #ifdef __S60_50__
    #include "ui_s60v5.h"
    #include "ui_s60v3.h"

    but now I want to use NokiaQtSDK where there is no SDK_S60V5 and no SDK_S60V3.

    who i can do to put two *.ui in my code, one for s60v5 and athor for s60v3 ?

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    Re: help NokiaQtSDK

    One solution could be to use the DEFINES qmake variable in the *.pro file and define your own __USE_TOUCH_UI__ macro, which then can be used the same way as you have used __S60_50__
    -- Lucian

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