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Thread: Graphs

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering what options there are available on Nokia wrt for drawing graphs.

    We have tried quite a few graphing plugins but have had little luck.

    We would really like to build a line graph, but can see no what to construct one as most graphing
    solutoins use html5 <canvas> tag which is not supported,

    Has anyone had any luck with any jquery graphing solutions or any other way to create a line graph.

    I am guessing flash lite is the only way one could achieve this.


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    Re: Graphs

    Hi chops1,

    as the <canvas> tag is not supported, as you correctly say, I think that Flash Lite currently represents th only viable option for complex graphing.

    Anyway for some simpler graphics, as the line graph you say, JavaScript could be enough: do you have any link to examples of graphing that you'd like to reproduce in your widget?


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    Re: Graphs

    <canvas> is not support by WRT. However, you can try to use the Google API ChartTool http://code.google.com/apis/charttools/index.html if it isn't help you, go to flash lite.
    Javier Zambrano Ferreira

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