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    Thumbs up How to get java UID(this uid use to uninstall his owner app ) on symbian s60 5th???

    i install a java app in my code ,but i can't get the register UID
    i want to uninstall the java app,but no the register UID,so i can't do that.

    all of above ,on 3rd,i can do it compliate.

    anybody can tell me?

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    Re: How to get java UID(this uid use to uninstall his owner app ) on symbian s60 5th

    RApaLsSession appSession;

    TInt count = 0;
    LOG_FMT(_L("appcount = %d"), count);

    //User::LeaveIfError(appSession.GetFilteredApps(TApaAppCapability::EBuiltAsDll, TApaAppCapability::EBuiltAsDll));
    TApaAppInfo appInfo;
    TInt aIndex = 0;
    while(KErrNone == appSession.GetNextApp(appInfo))
    LOG_FORMAT((_L("aIndex=%d"), aIndex));
    LOG_FORMAT((_L("appInfo.iFullName=%S"), &(appInfo.iFullName)));
    LOG_FORMAT((_L("appInfo.iCaption=%S"), &(appInfo.iCaption)));
    LOG_FORMAT((_L("appInfo.iShortCaption=%S"), &(appInfo.iShortCaption)));
    LOG_FORMAT((_L("appInfo.iUid.iUid=0x%08x"), appInfo.iUid.iUid));
    if(appInfo.iFullName.Right(8).Compare(_L(".fakeapp")) == 0)
    TThreadId threadId;
    TInt err = appSession.StartDocument(_L(""), appInfo.iUid, threadId);
    LOG_FORMAT((_L("err=%d"), err));
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(1, &appSession); //appSession

    if "if(appInfo.iFullName.Right(8).Compare(_L(".fakeapp")) == 0)" is true, it is a java app.
    if appInfo.iCaption == jar/jad 's app name , appInfo.iUid.iUid is the key
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