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    Question Error with fakeroot apt-get update

    hi All,

    when Im trying to update with scratchbox it will give Error like follows. pls help me to solve this out

    [sbox-FREMANTLE_ARMEL: ~] > fakeroot apt-get update
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/sdk Release.gpg
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/tools Release.gpg
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Release.gpg
    Get:1 http://repository.maemo.org fremantle Release.gpg [489B]
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/sdk Release
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/tools Release
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Release
    Hit http://repository.maemo.org fremantle Release
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/sdk/free Packages/DiffIndex
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/sdk/non-free Packages/DiffIndex
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/sdk/free Sources/DiffIndex
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/tools/free Packages/DiffIndex
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/tools/non-free Packages/DiffIndex
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/tools/free Sources/DiffIndex
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/nokia-binaries Packages/DiffIndex
    Get:2 http://repository.maemo.org fremantle Release [7958B]
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle Release
    Hit http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/sdk/free Packages
    Hit http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/sdk/non-free Packages
    Hit http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/sdk/free Sources
    Hit http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/tools/free Packages
    Hit http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/tools/non-free Packages
    Hit http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/tools/free Sources
    Hit http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/nokia-binaries Packages
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/free Packages/DiffIndex
    Ign http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/non-free Packages/DiffIndex
    Hit http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/free Packages
    Hit http://repository.maemo.org fremantle/non-free Packages
    Fetched 8447B in 13s (646B/s)
    Reading package lists... Done
    W: GPG error: http://repository.maemo.org fremantle Release: Couldn't access keyring: 'No such file or directory'
    W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems
    [sbox-FREMANTLE_ARMEL: ~] >

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    Re: Error with fakeroot apt-get update

    Well, W: stands for Warning and to fix this warning you would need to import GPG key for Fremantle repository, however, I cannot find it.

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