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    How to enable ARMV6 or GCCEV6 for RVCT Complier

    Hey Friends

    i am using ARM's Real View Compiler Tools 2.2 build 616 (RVCT) to build my code for ARMV5 . However i want to have ARMV6 or GCCEV6 option to compile my code, but couldn't find any option how to ?? how do i do it ??

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    Re: How to enable ARMV6 or GCCEV6 for RVCT Complier

    ARMV6 may to work as PRJ_PLATFORM with the most recent SDK-s. You may want to search for RVCT or one of the build targets (ARMV5, ARMV6, GCCE) on the Symbian site (http://developer.symbian.org), and you will get some descriptions.

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    Re: How to enable ARMV6 or GCCEV6 for RVCT Complier

    you have to use Symbian ADT Sourcery G++ Lite 4.4-172 for ARM SymbianOS and have to uninstall Csl Arm Tool chain that was installed with SDK
    after installing you will have ARMV6,ARMV6t2,GCCEV6,GCCEV6t2 etc target platform to build code for them.

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