I'm having a serious problem, already emailed to OVI support, but no answer. So I'll repeat it here.

My app was published Friday last week. The statistics show no sales, who knows, it is not impossible that it didn't sell ANY (however unlikely).
However, I bought one myself the first day (through operator billing), it is my my first app in OVI Store and I had to try, that's understandable.

So there has been at least one sale, but it doesn't show in the estimates, 6 days after, which makes me suspicious, to say the least. I could accept disappointing sales, even none at all, but in these conditions I'm very confused.

I have to quickly mention another problem that may be related (just a supposition): the public name of publisher for the product (the one the customer sees on the OVI page, like this: "by: [name]") is my own name, which is wrong, I asked OVI to change it to publisher name (my company, the name my OVI publisher account is) and they told me two days ago that it had been changed, but it still hasn't been updated.

Please Nokia, help. I've already sent emails explaining this problem. Many thanks.