together with the announcement for the Nokia SDK 1.0, there was also the announcement of the so called "Remote Compiler". The idea is to send a sourcepackage to the nokia cloud and get a compiled package back. I really like this idea, especially if there was an option to symbian sign the package in that step.

Unfortunately I did not get remote compiling to work. I know that it is still in beta but I want to provide feedback to have that feature available in a stable manner as soon as possible. I tried:

1) Install on MacOS, try of later adding using setup tool
I did a "full" install of the SDK beta and tried to install the remote compiler plugin using the package maintainance tool. The tool downloaded something, installed a bunch of files but after restarting the tool, the checkmark was still not checked. A second try was also not successfull although my computer was busy for a while again.

2) Install on MacOS, custom install
I uninstalled the SDK and did a fresh install, this time a custom install and selected the experimental package already in the first installation step. This time, the checkbox in the maintainance tool is checked, although the Tab to enter the forum nokia credentials in QtCreator is missing.

3) Install final release on WindowsXP SP3
Here the tab to enter the credentials is there and authentication is working, however I see no way to select "Remote compiling" as target for a project

Has anybody so far successfully used the remote compiler?