I want to develop application which can take voice input from microphone of the device and need to send the same on UDP socket.

-> I have created one UDP socket.
-> Now I am using AudioInputStream class and its callback function in following way...
-> Open stream with 8KHz and PCMAlaw
-> Waiting for open complete callback.
-> In open complete callback I am starting to read microphone using ReadL function (I am providing 80byte buffer to this function)
-> Now waiting for call back of buffer copied.
-> In buffer copied I am sending this buffer to iSocket.SendTo() and SetActive() and proving next 80byte buffer to ReadL function.
-> I am reapeting this process continuously.

Problem is:

1) I am receiving data at Destination in approx 520ms and it is too high...I must receive this data at destination in 10ms..Why it is not reaching in time??? What can be the issue?
-> What can I do to achive this timing...?????

2) Again when I am loading this appllication in E63 phone, at the time of execution of the application it shows me that "feature not supported" Why???

Please guide me to come out from these two issues...
Rohit Shah