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    Hide statuspane?

    Sometimes you need to use old stuff from symbian c++ when developing for symbian with qt. For example hiding status pane. Before I could use:

                    //Hide statuspane
                    CEikStatusPane* statusPane = STATIC_CAST( CAknAppUi*, CEikonEnv::Static()->EikAppUi())->StatusPane();
    But that doesn't work with the NokiaQtSDK and Qt Creator as I cannot include c++ stuff. (aknappui.h). So how can I hide the statuspane now?

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    Re: Hide statuspane?

    Anyone got an idea on this? I would be so thankful!

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    Re: Hide statuspane?

    Set the "Qt::WindowSoftkeysVisibleHint" (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.6/qwidget.html#windowFlags-prop) and then call showFullScreen() on the Widget. This will give you a full screen widget with softkeys bar, which is equivalent to turning off the status pane. If you do just want a full screen, omit setting WindowSoftkeysVisibleHint. If you need the sofkeys regardless, but don't wan to show it, set Qt::WindowSoftkeysRespondHint.

    Also check http://doc.trolltech.com/4.6/qt.html#WindowType-enum for possible window flags.

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