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    Question VAS on Symbian^3

    I'm trying to use VAS (Voip Audio Service) on Symbian^3.
    I tried to build my application against the 5th edition version of VAS but every time I tried to use one of its methods my application froze.
    I also tried to use the libraries from PDK 3.0i but I ended up with the same result.

    My guess is that I need a sis file with VAS for Symbian^3 for the device which is compatible with the PDK libraries.

    Does anyone know where I can get it?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: VAS on Symbian^3

    As there are no devices selling on the marked, any device you might have comes with NDA, so do read it through and notice then that you can not discuss the device functionality on public forums. Also do check the API plug-in, it does say that there are no compatibility promise at all. Also for Symbian^3 API plaug-in is not out yet, so you would need to wait and see whether anything would be released. Also you could check whether the oprn source parts would include APIs you might be able to use.

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