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    How to get imei in nokia S60 3rd?

    In S60 5th I use the code as blow. But in S60 3rd get message "System IMEI Service object cannot be found"

    systemServiceObj = device.getServiceObject("Service.SysInfo", "ISysInfo");
    catch (ex) 
    alert("System IMEI Service object cannot be found.");

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    Re: How to get imei in nokia S60 3rd?

    Which S60 3rd Edition device/model and what firmware version? Note that S50 5h Ed. most probably has a newer WRT version with functionality not necessarily available in older/earlier WRT versions. For an older device, it may be that there's a firmware update with a newer WRT, though, so post the device model and firmware version you tried it on.

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    Re: How to get imei in nokia S60 3rd?

    On S60 3rd edition initial release there is no support for WRT.

    S60 3rd edition FP1 supports WRT 1.0 System information API as described here , but you cannot get IMEI using that API.

    Only 3rd ed FP2 devices (E55.. etc.) supports WRT 1.1 and Platform Services 1.0 which you can use as well with 5th edition devices.

    In summary in older 3rd edition devices getting IMEI is not a easy task to do. You might try API bridge but it is up to you to decide if it worth of the effort it takes.

    Br, I

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