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    parameter of directorySize()

    What is the parameter of this method? In the book I read, no parameter is used for that method.
    public long directorySize()

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    Re: parameter of directorySize()

    As per the API doc it takes a boolean;


    public long directorySize(boolean includeSubDirs)
    throws java.io.IOException

    Determines the size in bytes on a file system of all of the files that are contained in a directory.

    The size in bytes occupied by the files included in the directory, or -1 if the directory does not exist or is not accessible.

    java.io.IOException - if the method is invoked on a file.
    java.lang.SecurityException - if the security of the application does not have read access for the directory.
    IllegalModeException - if the application does have read access to the directory but has opened the connection in Connector.WRITE mode.
    ConnectionClosedException - if the connection is closed.

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