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    Talking Button click handler

    hello guys,

    what is the name of event handler in Button in GUI app with UI designer

    I dragged it but I did not find any click handler in event window

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    Re: Button click handler

    Check HandleCommandL() for Control Button Action

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    Re: Button click handler

    Right-click to open the Events window on the UI editor. Then, select the button.

    You should see the methods there.
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    Post Re: Button click handler

    my application has an array of buttons...
    how to determine which button is clicked???

    i have implemented this :

    void CButtonImageDemo2Container::HandleControlEventL( CCoeControl* aControl, 
                                                      TCoeEvent aEventType ) 
            switch ( aEventType ) 
                case EEventStateChanged:  //
                	// Here i get Button Click Event
    but how to determine which button is pressed???

    i use Button Array like this:

    	iButtonArray = new (ELeave) CArrayPtrFlat<CAknButton>(iCount+1);
    	for(int i = 0;i<iCount ;i++)
    			CAknButton *aButton = static_cast< CAknButton* >
    							( EikControlFactory::CreateByTypeL( EAknCtButton ).iControl );
    			aButton->ConstructFromResourceL ( R_BUTTON_IMAGE_DEMO2_CONTAINER_BUTTON1 );
    			aButton->SetContainerWindowL ( *this );
    			aButton->SetRect ( TRect ( 
    										TPoint ( (i*10)+ 16, 19 ) , 
    										TSize ( 16, 16 ) )  
    										 ) ; 
    			aButton->SetObserver( this /*MCoeControlObserver*/); 
    Nital Shah

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    Re: Button click handler

    You may want to check aControl.

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