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    Question Help a novice please!!!!!

    I am using E71 to test this website

    which works perfectly in window browser and also IPhone.. but when I check it on my E71 it doesnt work..
    also .. Is scroll event available on window object?
    what is the solution .. I must need a solution ... Please

    Thank you

    I am a totally newcomer to mobile development (so please forgive any mistake)..

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    Re: Help a novice please!!!!!

    Scroll is available. Is this a wrt widget or just a webpage you are opening in browser.

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    Re: Help a novice please!!!!!

    To me, the page doesn't seem to load at all (on a Nokia N97 and 5800XM): are you sure that the problem is scroll-related? E.g.: does the page load (you can see the images) on your E71?


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