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    Raw text message file format (from *.nbf) description?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm stuck with few backup files (*.NBF) created using Nokia 3720c which contain ~7000 text messages (SMS) altogether which I must extract somehow.
    I've discovered that NBF files are actually ZIP archives, so I was able to unpack them and locate messages inside predefmessages folder.
    But messages are in binary format which I'm not familiar with. I have investigated few of them byte by byte and I was able to extract phone number (unicode string starting at offset 0x5F) and message body (also unicode string, starting at offset: 0xF6 + value of byte at offset 0x07, first two bytes at that offset define length of the string). I just cannot extract date/time information. I suspect that it's located somewhere between offset 0xB0 and message body but I cannot find any useful data in that area (I've checked all datetime formats I know about: DATE, FILETIME, DOS date/time, time_t and time64_t but nothing useful came up).

    Is there anyone familiar with this format, or maybe there is some format specification online (I've googled, but found nothing)?

    thank's in advance!
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