When touching the screen (S60 5th edition devices), _xmouse and _ymouse get updated, that's ok.

Now the problem is: if you keep the stylus down and move it, _xmouse and _ymouse will not get updated within a zone around the original spot (where you first touched the screen). That zone is about 40 pixels in size.

Only if you move further from that original spot will _xmouse and _ymouse be updated, and from then on it will work perfectly, every 1 pixel move will change their value.

This is very annoying when trying to have a MovieClip to drag with the stylus. Basically it works, but as a result of this problem, and predictably, there is a certain distance as you start dragging where the MovieClip is not following (that zone I was refering to, as _xmouse and _ymouse are not updated within), then it suddenly catches up and from then on every 1 pixel move is followed.

I'm using _xmouse and _ymouse to set the position of the MovieClip, but I've also tried the startDrag() and stopDrag() methods, same result.

Tested on Nokia 5800, FL 2.0.

Any idea how to fix that? Thanks