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    Whats the relationship between SDK/OS/Application

    i am quite sorry for such a beginner's question.

    i will going to develop some application on N7650/3650
    but still a little confuzed about the SDK/OS/Application version relationship.
    the latest SDK is 1.0 and the latest chinese version is 0.9
    liuxg told me if i wanna do chinese character display on the Emulator/Phone, i should pick the 0.9 Chinese version SDK.
    but someone on another BBS told me copying chinese fonts to the 1.0 emulator directory could make this too. but sofar i haven't tried yet.
    my question is, if this works, does 1.0SDK with chinese font have any differences with the 0.9ChineseSDK(despite of the chinese system user interface of 0.9 Emulator)?
    Is there anything MUST for Chinese application developing that is 1.0SDK do not have?
    and could u give us a briefly introduce of the 0.9-->1.0 SDK's changes and enhancement? what will effect on the application/Phone using if i choose different SDK?

    thanks so much for replying...

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    You are right. The latest English SDK is 1.0 and the latest Chinese Symbian SDK version is 0.9.

    Currently, 0.9 SDK supports some limited functions, so some of the functions (like phonebook, messaging, services etc ) cannot be emulated on PC emulator, and also some of the APIs in 1.0 are not applicable to 7650. 1.0 SDK supports both 7650 & 3650 etc.

    If you are interested in making your application GUI working, and verify it on PC emulator, I would suggest you using 0.9 Chinese SDK to verify your Chinese localisation part. As for the rest, you can use 1.0 SDK for emulating some other functions like phonebook.

    I do not think it is so straightforward to make Chinese localisation by simply copying the font library to 1.0 SDK. I think there should be more things to do. Anyway, I will try your method and see how it works. FYI, 1.0 Chinese SDK is on the way.

    Best regards,

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    哦,KCome你也来繽 :)
    我试着将字体放入 1。0sdk 中,确实可以显示一些中文字体,但对于 Menu , CBA 等字体就无法显示,我想应该是模拟器自己带的字库,我们自己没有办法去修改。

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