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    Locaton Api Exampal Not run on Device

    I m begenear in j2me location api. i try a sampal program in j2me location api given by nokia forum

    in netbean 6.9 and java toolkit 2.5
    application run on emulator show result
    lang = 0 and long =0;
    can i chang this output value on emulator

    and second proble is this application deploy on nokia 5130
    it get the error No Class Def Found Error
    wher to i m wrong.
    plz help me..

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    Re: Locaton Api Exampal Not run on Device

    As you can see from the device specifics : http://www.forum.nokia.com/Devices/D...0_XpressMusic/
    the device has no GPS nor the JSR-179 API, which will throw that error "No Class Def Found Error"...

    It is possible ot changethe passed GPS location on the emulaor, I can't remember where precisely but it's directly on the emulator itself, there aren't that many thing you can set or change so I'd say have a look in it
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    Re: Locaton Api Exampal Not run on Device

    can i chang this output value on emulator
    you will need the External Event Generator up to provide location and elevation data to the MIDlet as if it was coming from the device. On the emulator window, select External Events from the MIDlet menu option at the top of the emulator. This will cause the EEG window to appear.

    Refer to - http://www.devx.com/wireless/Article/30380/1763/page/3

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