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    Automatic SyncML clients in Nokia handsets?

    Currently the SyncML clients in Nokia handsets (and those from competitors) allow the user to perform a manual synchronisation of the address book - however I do not believe they have the capability to allow the configuration of automatic detection of changes to the address book and the subsequent automatic sync of these changes to a SyncML server. (Please correct me if this is wrong)

    Are there any plans from Nokia to add such a capability for automatic detection and synchronisation of changes to the address book to a SyncML server ?

    If not, what are the technical / feasability reasons why not ? e.g. concern over data traffic generated without acknowledgement from the user ?

    Furthermore, I do not believe this could be done with a J2ME client since they do not have access to the address book. Is this correct ?


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    You are correct, Nokia (and other vendors) phones currently does not support automatic (as you described) or server initated syncronization of Contacts, Calendar, Task or Notes.

    The only known possibility (at least for me) is Brew paltform based phones (CDMA).

    There is ongoing (SyncMl community driven) activity to implement server initaited syncronization functionality. How long it will take to deliver such handset to the market is an open question.


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