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    How to get unsigned sis version using Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 for Symbian online signing

    I am looking for a way to create unsigned unsigned sis version using Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 for Symbian online signing. Qt Mobility requires most examples to be signed with capabilities beyond self signing.

    SIS files can be signed for all Platform Security Capabilities except CommDD, MultimediaDD, NetworkControl, DiskAdmin, DRM, AllFiles, TCB.

    This means using

    https://www.symbiansigned.com Open Signed Online

    This is a quick,less than hour, no cost (free) without the cost of public ID,developers cert, during development of Qt Mobility applications.

    To do this the following in Symbian 5th edition use makesis

    MAKESIS   Version
    A utility for creating Software Installation (SIS) files
    Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Symbian Software Ltd. All rights reserved. 
    Usage : MakeSIS  pkgfile [sisfile]
      Options : [pkgfile] Name of the PKG file
      Options : [sisfile] Output SIS filename. 
      If not specified, the filename will be derived from the name of the PKG file
    This produces the unsigned sis. In Nokia Qt SDK this output file is deleted after self signing signSIS has finished.
    This deletion is controlled by Nokia Qt SDK command script.

    What IMHO we need is a way of stopping the deletion of the unsigned MakeSIS output.

    For example I have patched the createsis.pl to comment out the lines
     # delete the temporary file
      unlink $sisfile_ip;
    and simply left
     # delete the temporary file
      #unlink $sisfile_ip;
    now when I do

    qmake lightmaps.pro
    make release-gcce
    make sis
    There are two sis files
    lightmaps.sis The self-signed sis
    lightmaps_unsigned.sis the unsigned version uploaded to https://www.symbiansigned.com Open Signed Online for signing via email.

    Clearly an official version would be better than have to "patch" modify the Nokia Qt SDK.

    Beginners and developers new to Symbian QtMobility will need this low cost feature

    Jim Gilmour
    Forum Nokia Wiki Administrator
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