... or how to say. So I mean the FN user profile now (and not the DiBo profile as in my other thread)
For some reason ... I wanted to fill the profile, and the adventure began. I even succeeded: http://www.forum.nokia.com/Profile/?u=wizard_hu_

Here are some observations:
- it does not like Chrome, all changes are lost, which does not necessarily match with the original intent of the user
- it is not user friendly: for me it was not trivial that it used XHTML, so when I entered R&D I was a bit surprised about the "Short bio field has invalid XHTML." message. Although I knew HTML I simply did not think about it, so it still took me some time to find out what it meant, add &amp;, then recognize that anchor tags could be used for creating links, and also that the <br> needed to be a closed tag because of X-ness
- and the result with this light-gray-on-white looks like some kind of "fine print".