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    Question Question on Menu usability

    It is a known fact that for touch screens it is important for buttons to be wide, to be easily clickable.
    But from my observation, Nokia phones have a different method for this issue. Menus are still like the PC based menus and predominantly drop-down types which are not very wide (or convenient for selection).
    The rightmost image here shows the current state of browser menu on Nokia phones

    Here is how it is dealt in Android

    This UI is not only on browser but also on all major menu interactions in Symbian. This type of UI seems perfect for keypad phones but is not so efficient for touch-only phones.

    My question is -> Why has this change been taken up even in Symbian^3 ? have Nokia users got used to this form of menu interactions ?
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    Re: Question on Menu usability

    AFAIK you should not be considering Symbian^3 any different from Symbian^1 & 2. you should be looking for Symbian^4 UI proposals which comes wih Orbit & direct UI. http://developer.symbian.org/forum/s...ad.php?p=14433

    and what you are requesting a so called android look like Menu is shown a symbian version http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/in...I_proposal.png

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