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    Dynamically show and hide widgets using PLLayout.


    I am using this:

    to switch between different layouts when the phone is rotated from landscape to portrait.

    I want to be able to show and hide certain widgets in the layouts.

    If I don't use PLLayout, the code works perfectly, and I can use show() and hide() successfully.

    However, if I use PLLayout, when I call show(), the widget is just shown on top of everything else, and not in the layout as it's supposed to be.

    Can anyone help me with this please? Has anyone had any successful experience with using this class, and can point me in the right direction?


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    Re: Dynamically show and hide widgets using PLLayout.

    Hi Liz, <as stated in PM - repeated here for general discussion>
    I have implemented a simple hide/show function in the simple test case and it works fine.
    In general, as I noted somewhere, the PLLayout is of course somehow "a hack", and some more complex layouts may not work.
    FOR EXAMPLE: each subwidget that is assigned into portrait layout MUST BE also assigned into landscape layout.
    Otherwise it is still there, but not assigned to an active layout, and then it will simply show up on top of all others.
    So my guess is, that in your case you have not assigned all widgets to both layouts, or may be it is already a problem if a widget is hidden during the initialization.
    So: if you are sure, that you have assigned all to both layouts, and still hide/show is a problem, than you may want to
    try to make sure that initially no widget is hidden, when being assigned to the P and L layouts, and when the PL layout is assigned as main layout.
    Then, after that, you should be able to hide/show.

    Best Regards


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