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    Unhappy N900 runtime deployment failure .. deb file assumed to be in C:\????

    I've added a few additional files to my project and now I can no longer deploy to the device. The deb file is correctly created in a shadow directory as before (note having a shadow dir makes no difference to behaviour). I have made no changes to the project settings.

    The error message is
    Cleaning up remote leftovers first ...
    Initial cleanup done.
    Files to deploy: \cameradof_0.1_armel.deb.
    Deployment failed: Could not open file '\cameradof_0.1_armel.deb'

    It appears that QTCreator 2.0.0 (windows 7 64bit home) has decided that the deb file now resides at the root of the file system rather than in the shadow build directory.

    The .pro file is
    QT += maemo5

    TEMPLATE = app
    TARGET = cameraDOF

    # Input
    HEADERS += dof_functions.h \
    mainwindow.h \
    Defaults.h \
    texteditautoresizer.h \
    numberentry.h \

    FORMS +=
    SOURCES += CameraDOF.cpp \
    mainwindow.cpp \
    dof_functions.cpp \
    numberentry.cpp \


    CONFIG += mobility
    # add used mobility api's here

    DESTDIR = .

    I've tried rebuidling the project, cleaning out the source and target folders etc. This is not the same issue as

    Building one of the examples works fine so it's something about this project!

    Has some persistent variable been corrupted in qmake?

    Suggestions as always welcome.

    BR David

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    Re: N900 runtime deployment failure .. deb file assumed to be in C:\????

    Fixed. Took a few hours trying to work out why but in end...

    Deleted all files in source directory and shadow builds plus next level up directory except for project .pro and .cpp/.h files.

    BR David

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