I have been noticing on the blog sites that I frequent regularly, that you have a new prototype of a phone that resembles the recently announced Nokia N8 with a keyboard. There are some things that I would like to suggest that I feel are steps in the wrong direction. Firstly the altering of the tried and true volume rocker, and replacing it with a volume slider is definitely a step in the wrong direction. The volume rocker serves double duty as the volume adjuster and with camera phones, it also serves as zoom rocker. This makes the volume rocker quite functionally sound and better for consumers. If replaced with a slider mechanism, it takes away the zoom function and allows the phone volume to be adjusted without the user actually touching it due to phones being kept in pockets and bags, thus the consumer is not fully in control their phone. If this phone is an N-series device, then only including US AT&T and South American 3G bands of 850/1900 Mhz whom by the way only sells 1 Nokia device, when the Nokia N8 has global 3G bands 850/900/1700/1900/2100 would be a step backwards. By having all the bands it allows the phone to me manufactured with one model that could be sold worldwide instead of limiting it to one region of the world and having to manufacture a separate phone for another region, and consumers can only use 3G in that region. Hopefully this is read by Nokia and it makes them rethink this strategy and move forward and not step backwards by adding on to functionality that is already present instead of taking away that functionality.