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    Redistributing QT S60

    I amazed by progress Nokia made with QT for Symbian. Now it become really possible for application developers to make the programs on Symbian.

    Now the question. I made small QT S60 application and I target it for my friends first. I don't have to struggle with signing yet. I could probably assume that QT is not installed in vast majority of phones. I know the Nokia QT SDK contains the required sis files. I am going to provide 2 installation SIS files of my application: one small with my app only and all-in-one with qt_installer.sis.

    - How can I bundle my SIS file, so it will automatically install qt_installer.sis if such is not installed?
    - If user installs small package and QT is not installed, how app can provide user-friendly message suggesting user to install qt_installer.sis
    - Is there qt_installer.sis available for downloading from public Nokia website so I could make a link to it?

    Perhaps, similar questions may come from others, it would make sense to have a FAQ of it.

    Thank you in advance, Pavel

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    Re: Redistributing QT S60

    Search for "Smart Installer" (you include it with your app, and if Qt isn't installed on the phone, it will download and install it for you, so that you don't need to include the whole Qt in your app package, nor do your users have to install Qt manually themselves, before they can install/use your app).

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    Re: Redistributing QT S60

    Also update your Qt SDK once as the latest version of Smart Installer was not bundled with it initially.

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