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    Make compatiblity

    i have two files in my project.

    I added both of them to my MMP but the problem is that in build directory... core.o file conflicts
    Any method to tell the build system to respect the directory structure.

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    Re: Make compatiblity

    There is no such switch/option as far as I know.
    Some ideas:
    - renaming the file - not that nice, however if there are two respective core.h-s, that can cause problems too - even on other platforms
    - building one the conflicting folders as a library, and link it to the main project can also work
    - you can try if the Raptor build system (http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/in...r_Build_System) happens to do what you need. A quick look on its documentation does not say anything about it, and also note that its support for S60 3rd edition SDK-s is experimental (http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/in...oundation_SDKs) - so it may not be a huge success story

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    Re: Make compatiblity

    hmm building STATICLIBRARY should be nice...Thnx

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