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    Question Create .SIS Ubuntu

    how i can to create installer in qt for nokia on ubuntu ?
    I not found how to create sis package in qt creator (linux version) !thanks.

    ps: i have my app on nokia qt (compiling & debugging in ubuntu) .But.. i not know how create sis package.

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    Re: Create .SIS Ubuntu

    Nokia Qt SDK Remote Compiler might be the solution for you at the moment.


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    Re: Create .SIS Ubuntu

    Hi, originalanaya

    Welcome to the FN WIKI DIBO.
    There are few steps for creating the sis file from carbide C++.

    Go to the command prompt do as below.

    1.cd to the file of your project
    3.make release-gcce
    4.make sis

    Then you will get the .sis file.

    From Qt creator do as below :

    Just add "make sis" build step in Qt Creator's Projects tab for the project.

    and you have to connect your phone with PC.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Create .SIS Ubuntu

    Rahul, Symbian development tools are not officially available on Linux platform, thus, the only official possible solution is the remote compiler.

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