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    Errors linking to a Symbian DLL

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to write a Qt program to access APIs within a compiled Symbian C++ DLL library.

    I've managed to create an instance and constructor for the library. There's no issue when I compile the DLL itself.

    When my Qt program is set to call a function from the library, there aren't any build errors on compiliation but a new .exe isn't created. A look at the console showed these errors:

    - illegal use of incomplete struct/union/class 'RFs'
    - illegal use of incomplete struct/union/class 'RFile'
    - unidentified identifier 'TFileText'

    Error caused tool to abort.

    How can a Qt function access the RFile object in a Symbian DLL?

    (I'm running Carbide C++ v. 2.6, with S60 5th ed. and Qt v. 4.6.3 on WinXP.)

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    Re: Errors linking to a Symbian DLL

    Please make sure you include f32file.h and link with efsrv.lib

    Please don't forget to add proper capabilities to Your project file .pro

    symbian {

    where x1 x2 are required capabilities

    for example

    symbian {
    TARGET.CAPABILITY = ReadUserData \
    WriteUserData \
    ReadDeviceData \
    WriteDeviceData \
    TARGET.EPOCHEAPSIZE = 0x20000 0x2000000
    MMP_RULES += "LIBRARY efsrv.lib "


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    Re: Errors linking to a Symbian DLL


    It's working well, no more illegals. Thanks!

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    Re: Errors linking to a Symbian DLL

    I've hit another issue. My Qt program must access an existing Symbian C++ library on a smartphone. I've created an instance and constructor:

    CLibrary *iEngine = CLibrary::NewLC(*this);

    but when I run it, instead of showing a blank UI as it should the app doesn't even boot at all. I'm unsure whether the problem lies in error handling or the phone environment.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you could provide!

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