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    Advice on starting off

    I'm new to both Java and mobile development. I have experience in other programming languages. I wish to develop a program for the S40 range.
    Over the past few weeks, I've been trying to progress, but its been slow going. Trying
    I've tried Eclipse and Netbeans, and discovered I prefer Netbeans.
    Looking for advice on where to go next.
    A lot of the example seem to be for the S60. Should I start developing for that first?

    Also, is there a book that would help? It would be nice to have something chapter based, so I would have a progress path. As it is, I've just searching through the examples.
    Any advice gratefully received.

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    Re: Advice on starting off


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    Re: Advice on starting off

    Hi Riamor,

    Java ME is Java ME, so your app will run on S40 and S60 devices. You are welcome to visit my web site:


    and follow the "Cell Phone Stuff" link. You will find, among other things, a very detailed step-by-step guide to installing NetBeans, emultorts, etc., along with souce code for a simple program to "test" your installation.

    My favorite intro to Java ME is:

    Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional

    It's published by APress. It assumes a knowledge of Java.

    If you don't already know some Java, it seems to me a bad idea to begin learning it in a cell phone environment. Get your feet wet on the desktop, where there are fewer headaches, and then jump into Java ME (just my opinion).


    Matt Brenner
    UnME2, Inc.

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    Re: Advice on starting off

    Thanks Matt. I guess I should start with Java on the desktop first. My local library is getting in a 2010 Java book for me. Once I finish that, I'll check out your website. And may well get that book!

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    Re: Advice on starting off

    Quote Originally Posted by ektasrv View Post
    Thanks Ekta. I found there was no clear path to follow on those pages. Perhaps if I had better Java knowledge, it would make more sense.
    I feel a book would give me a more structured approach.

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