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    Question Symbian Build Issue With Variable Arguments


    Has this not been fixed yet? It's been around for a while and I just ran into this issue myself. Modifying base headers is a pretty iffy fix.

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    Re: Symbian Build Issue With Variable Arguments

    No and it won't get fixed. Problem is in the old epoc32/gcc/bin preprosessor which hasn't been changed since 1998. There is a new build system used now called SBSv2 or Raptor. This build system doesn't use that old preprocessor anymore and thus the issue is gone. Problem is that there is no official SBSv2 support for older SDKs. You can try your luck with http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/in...oundation_SDKs .

    Or you can disable dependency generation from your abld (SBSv1) toolchain which is the only part that uses the old preprosessor. Upside is that va arg issue goes away, down side is that you need to rebuild everything everytime you make a change.
    To disable the dependency generation you need to set environment variable:


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