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    "Pure Qt" SDK cannot live next to Symbian OS specific Qt SDK on a single PC

    And that is a problem, because it means that you can either do pure Qt stuff or Qt-Symbian-only stuff, but not both on a single PC. Imagine a situation where you create an interface class with Symbian and MeeGo-specific implementations.

    The reason appears to be that the Pure Qt SDK cannot overwrite links in the Programs subfolders for a given user, even if that user is a super-user.

    But because you might need two Qt SDK's (a Pure one and a Symbian-specific one), the Pure Qt SDK should not interfere with OS-specific ones, and vice versa, and it must be possible to have both on a single PC for a single user account.
    Sander van der Wal

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    Re: "Pure Qt" SDK cannot live next to Symbian OS specific Qt SDK on a single PC

    I guess by pure Qt SDK you mean a Qt for Windows or Qt for <platfrom_here> in general, where platform here != Symbian (of != mobile).
    I remember having such SDKs installed some time back, but I don't remember them ever colliding. Now it should be even less so as the recommended SDK for Qt on Symbian is the Nokia Qt SDK which has its own Start menu group.

    So which exactly SDKs versions do you have and which of then would you say needs to have its own Start group as not to interfere with the others?
    -- Lucian

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