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    Installing Java Applications

    I'm sorry I'm really new to this...I'm a perl/linux guy =) if I'm not posting in the right forum please advise so I can correct this. I'm setting up a server with 2 ssh deamons running. 1 for normal ssh activity restricted by iptables to control where people can connect from. Another I wanted to setup on port 2222. I was going to use a pam module to challage for one time passwords in addition to normal security. I want to basically be able to ssh from my phone into my network at the office. So I have this html page with 3 small java applets I need to have on my phone so I can take the response from the server and calculate a one time password. my question is how do I get this page and applets onto my Nokia 9290 so I can use them? should be fairly simple right? I don't need to code anything cool for my phone yet. any advise would be much appreciated.

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    you can not run java applets on mobile phones. java applets rely on the standart development kit(sdk) / runtime environment (jre). the jre download is about 8 megs... so no chance to get it running on the phone.

    you may be able to transform the applets to a j2me application that gets the one-time password as response to a http post/get request.

    applets and midlets are somehow (both have a restricted env.) compareable but applets do not run on mobile phones.

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    thats strange becuase I have this 1M java.sis file that is installed on my phone and it's description is: Java 1.08 MB Java OS.


    that asside. the browser and most of the applications seem to be java applets. Hence the Mercury Messanger I have (granted doesn't run that well) but Web Viewer a browser I have is also a java applet...so I don't understand?

    have you been to symbian's web site? www.symbian.com

    this is from their site:

    Java support was added to Symbian OS in v5. PersonalJava and JavaPhone technologies were introduced in Symbian OS v6.0. MIDP support is available from Symbian OS v7.0*

    I am no java pro and maybe I'm misunderstanding something...

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    You are confused but it can be a confusing subject for those who don't follow it regularly.

    The short version - there are different specifications in Java that allow you to build applications for different situations. Unfortunately for you, an applet is not necessarily compatible with a J2ME or PersonalJava application.

    Basically, applets are designed to reside and be launched from a web page. They use the full specification of Java (minus operations that are deemed a security risk) and are for the most part never stored on your local system.

    PersonalJava and J2ME applications are designed to be downloaded and then run from your device (basically, applications written in Java). They use a subset of the Java APIs and have memory usage and code size limitations. In other words, converting an applet to a J2ME or PersonalJava application may not be a trivial task.

    If the applets you need do all of their network processing through HTTP then you just need the author to provide J2ME/MIDP-compliant or PersonalJava-compliant applications that communicate through the same network layer that the applets use. Otherwise, it could be a large task.


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