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    I am trying to connect PDA using Socket Bluetooth card with Nokia 6310. Connection requires "bluetooth passcode", which suppose to be enclosed to Nokia set. I could not find any. IS there any default?



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    RE: passcode

    You can use any arbitrary passcode. It only has to be the same on both ends. (For example, 1111). In some cases it is better to use only one-digit-long passcode and enter it as quickly as possible, as the pairing time may be limited.
    Also a good hint is, if possible, to accomplish the pairing procedure separately, not as part of a DUN link establishment.

    1) search for devices from the PDA
    2) pair with 6310 from the PDA
    3) follow the screen of the 6310 and "Accept" as quickly as the text appears
    4) insert the passcodes on both ends as quickly as you can

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