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Thread: Reg:parsing

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    Hi, just help me out of this clarification, im trying to parse the xml....so i just created the xml using Generatexml(); code and from tat im trying to parse it..from forum i came to know tat from cdomfragement class i can parse he xml generated...i got it from the following link...

    can any one tell me how to use the cdomfragement ......i couldn't understand the example given in tat should we add tat code where the xml generated....is tat example code enough to parse the xml....or should we add any .cpp or .h file....
    waiting for ur reply.......thanks for any ideas....

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    Re: Reg:parsing

    Hi is there anyone plz help me out.....

    ............Thanks for any replies..........

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    Re: Reg:parsing

    Please check the wiki. I think there was an example related to this.

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